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Rigaku-Compatible Side-Loading Sample Holder Tool

Rigaku-Compatible Side-Loading Sample Holder Tool

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Side-loading sample holders are a great way to minimize preferred orientation compared to top-loading designs. That benefit alone makes them worth considering, but when paired with our side-loading tool, powders can be loaded much faster than any other style of holder.

This is a custom-designed tool from KSA for use with our newly designed side loading sample holders, compatible with Rigaku* Miniflex systems.

Higher-volume labs have preferred to place the holder flat against the glass, place, load it, and slide it straight away. This works well, but we've run across a few powders that were simply too "fluffy" and light to stay flat as the holder was pulled away from the glass. This avoids disrupting the surface of light powders.

The tool works best when powder is loaded a little at a time and the tool is tapped against a tabletop in between scoops. The user can watch the powder fill the well directly through the glass window.

*See disclaimer statements here.

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