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Air-Sensitive Sample Cell

Air-Sensitive Sample Cell

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Zero-background plate

These semi-sealed cells are designed to protect reactive materials from exposure to air during XRD data collection. They can be easily assembled inside a glove box with most common films, but we recommend polyimide for low attenuation and extremely minimal intensity contribution to the diffraction pattern.

This second-generation design incorporates two o-rings. The o-ring in the outer ring pulls the film tightly across the o-ring in the center plug to create a tight seal without any twisting, turning, or tools necessary for assembly. When the data collection is complete, the center section can be pushed all the way through the outer ring to disassemble the cell.

These are NOT recommended for highly reactive or pyrophoric materials. It is very important that the user understand the nature and severity of the reactive material and take appropriate steps to minimize all risks.

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