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Adjustable Height Top-Loading Sample Holder - Phi Stage Compatible

Adjustable Height Top-Loading Sample Holder - Phi Stage Compatible

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These holders are designed for use with the digital phi-stage offered for Siemens D5000 and Bruker D8 instruments. The stage can be used with a special sample cup where the more common 51.5mm sample holder can be loaded, but this configuration requires a reference surface to be above the plane of diffraction. At low angles, this part of the original design can block part or all of the incident beam. These holders mount to the stage magnetically in the same way that the original sample cup does but without the need for any material above the plane of diffraction. 

This stage allows for both spinning of the sample to compensate for inhomogeneity in loose powders as well as collection of texture data in the phi-axis. 

The variable height allows for use with odd-shaped or thicker samples. The center section is threaded allowing for fine adjustment of the sample into the plane of diffraction. The most common method is to place a glass plate across the top of the holder and to raise the sample until it contacts the glass. This ensures that the glass, sample holder body, and the sample itself are all in the same plane. Mounting in clay is very common for samples that do not have a flat/parallel bottom surface.

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